9 Different Types of Dentures

9 Different Types of Dentures

Dentures are used to help fill the place of missing teeth. There are several different types of dentures and not just one as most people believe. Sedation Dentistry Colorado can provide any one of these 9 types of dentures to suitable candidates. Let’s have a closer look.

Partial Dentures – These are suitable for patients who still have some of their teeth left that can act as anchors for the dentures. They are made from a pink-colored base to which the teeth are attached. They can be removed when needed. They are also called dental bridges.

Complete Dentures – This type is used when a patient has no more teeth left. The dentures rest on the gums. Usually, the patient must wait for 8 to 12 weeks after the teeth have been removed before the dentures can be placed.

Immediate Dentures – These are only done for patients who are good candidates for this type of procedure. Immediate dentures are placed immediately after the teeth have been removed.

Custom Dentures – These dentures are custom-made to suit your mouth, smile, and other teeth. It is a more natural-looking option but also a bit more expensive.

Snap-In Dentures – These are used when a patient no longer has any teeth but still has enough bone and other structures in place. The dentures make use of dental implants and the existing bone structure to snap onto and keep it in place.

Overdentures – These are similar to complete dentures as they also sit on top of the gums. These can be placed on top of the top or bottom gums. They are held in place by dental implants and are also removable.

Implant-Supported Dentures – These dentures have the same look as the complete or partial dentures, but they have the added support of dental implants. Dental implants help to secure the dentures and prevent movement. They also tend to look more natural.

Upper Dentures – These are pretty much what they say – they are dentures for the upper teeth. If you are missing some or all of the teeth from the top gums, these may be your best option.

Economy Dentures – These are the cheaper option and they are usually generic. This means that they will not fit your mouth perfectly and will not look natural. They may cause discomfort. However, if you need dentures and cannot afford other options, these will do.

Your choice of dentures will depend on a few things like cost, suitability, the severity of the damage, and obviously the advice of your dentist. Hopefully, this has helped you understand what your options are. You can find more information on the pros and cons here.

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