The Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Dentistry

The Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry involves procedures like teeth whitening, veneers, braces, implants, and more. These procedures can have great results. However, everything has pros and cons and you should be familiar with these points before agreeing to a procedure. It is always better to understand the procedure and know what to expect than be surprised or upset after it is done.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers – shells that cover the front teeth
  • Bonding – To remove spaces between teeth
  • Braces – To reposition teeth
  • Crowns – Tops a tooth that has been damaged, discoloured, or had a root canal
  • Bridges – Replaces missing teeth
  • Dental implants – Replaces missing teeth
  • Other – Procedures to correct gum lines, jawbones, uneven teeth, etc. are also available.


Cosmetic dentistry can be a great option in terms of appearance. Here are some of the pros of these procedures:

  1. It gives a confidence boost. When your teeth look good, you feel good and you are more comfortable smiling and showing off your teeth and gums.
  2. It helps to improve on damage. As time goes by, teeth get stained, chipped, and even broken through accidents. These procedures can fix such problems easily.
  3. It gives you a better smile. Cosmetic procedures fix color, breakage, alignment, and more and makes your smile almost perfect.
  4. Improved oral hygiene. When your teeth and smile look good, you will want to keep it that way which means you will take extra good care and improve your oral hygiene. Some procedures require specific cleaning and care which will also lead to better oral health.


  1. 1. It is expensive. Many of the procedures involved with cosmetic dentistry can be very expensive. You will need to consider whether you are willing and able to pay for them. You should be very sure that the procedure is necessary before making the decision.
  2. 2. It can be painful. Some procedures are painful and some may even cause pain after the procedure has been completed. Anesthesia and pain medication may be needed, so you should keep this in mind when making your decision.
  3. Aftercare requirements. Because these procedures are done to improve the appearance of your teeth and gums, you may need to avoid eating and drinking certain things or you may not be allowed to smoke. Some also require specific cleaning and care regiments which you will need to adhere to.

Cosmetic dentistry can change your life and give you more confidence. In general, the procedures are safe and relatively simple. However, consider the cons as well before making your final decision.